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SpendTrenz™ is a robust web-based tracking solution specifically designed for the Life Sciences industry to establish a foundation for centralizing aggregate spending to meet existing and rapidly evolving state and federal reporting guidelines.

SpendTrenz™ provides the accountability and responsibility of managing and tracking expenses on the front end (field sales force), thereby improving compliance around state limits, transparency, and The Physician Payment Sunshine Act.

The unique technology of SpendTrenz™ is specifically designed to offer biopharmaceutical companies the ability to:

  • Proactively manage, monitor, and track aggregate spending by all field teams in one location
  • Streamline the collection, maintenance, and reporting of aggregate expense data needed to ensure compliance
  • Significantly ease the reporting burden for the front line/headquarter professionals (Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Finance, etc.)
  • Decrease the risk of exceeding spend limits in any one segment
  • Enhance business decisions based on precise and timely data

In most companies, approximately 80% of HCP transactions are recorded in the expense system, although these transactions comprise only 20% of the total HCP spend. Our access to over 10,000 restaurants nationwide allows your representatives and other employees to place an order for a healthcare practitioner with our participating restaurants, and identify physicians in attendance at the time of the expense. Reports can be aggregated to the territory, company, physician and state levels for tracking and enforcement of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act and state regulations. Ease the burden of compliance reporting per state and federal regulations (Physician Payments Sunshine Act) by utilizing available customized reports.

Always, at the click of a button, SpendTrenz’™ technology allows you to make better informed business decisions on where the dollars need to be allocated to maximize your ROI.