About Us

LNR Enterprises, Inc. is comprised of some of the biopharmaceutical industry’s best and brightest. With over 125 years of combined experience we understand the complexity and nuances related to tracking, monitoring, and aggregating spend levels across the enterprise of an organization. We know this because we lived it!

We also know that planning, integrating, and building logic to appropriately track, align, and report expenditures on healthcare practitioners is a daunting task. Once that task has been accomplished, the next business decision is refinement and analyzing how best to disburse promotional dollars for maximum ROI going forward.

Our dedicated team will work with you to design a customized approach that will allow your field sales representatives and all levels of field sales management to make rapid business decisions that include aggregate reports at the territory, company, physician and state levels for tracking and enforcement of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act and state regulations.

SpendTrenz™, our software-as-a-service model, is a tool that makes monitoring aggregate spending easy and takes the complexity out of  compliance tracking.